Event management

Event management

At the core of France Sport Expertise’s specialties, event management is provided by companies of all sizes, each recognized for their in-depth understanding of the associated challenges.

These companies are involved in the entire value chain of organizing major sporting events: from project management assistance to implementation of operations in the field.

    • Project definition and management
    • Logistics and travel

France Expertise’s specialist event management companies are recognized experts and among the world leaders in their field. They are just as capable of assisting players with specific organizational aspects, such as the VIP event to launch a competition, as they are of designing the entire event from opening to closing. These companies have a perfect understanding of their customers’ needs and expectations in these areas.

Accustomed to the organization of major projects, they also have a wide range of additional skills at their disposal to ensure that their customers’ teams are in the best possible conditions for success.

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Partnering with some of the world’s most prestigious events (World Championships, European Championships, the Diamond League), Dimasport offers assistance organizing international athletics competitions.
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Hurricane Events develops unique events all over the world for brands that want to see untold stories materialize. Whether you are a local authority, business, association or social media athlete, we offer you the very best of our 27 years of experience.
Playground offers advice and assistance to organizers of large-scale events for their services for citizens and holds its own running events throughout France. + Visuel_Expertise_PG_GIE.
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Vogosport Pulse is used in VIP areas on large touchscreens for post-match events. The Vogoscope Virtual Seat offers Live & Replay streams outside the sports arena so fans can watch matches where entry has been restricted.
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Facil’Event supports its clients through every stage of organizing their event, from audio-visual solutions to recording, sound, lighting, video production, event management and meeting room management (preparation and set-up, room service, etc.)
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261PI measures ESG performance and helps promote CSR impact