Facilities & infrastructure

Facilities & infrastructure

At France Sport Expertise, sports infrastructure and facilities draw on expertise in the design, production and management of sports grounds, from community sports grounds to Olympic stadiums.

These expertise cover the entire value chain for sports grounds, from concrete to lawns, dugouts, changing rooms, video cabling, stands, kitchens, media management, hygiene solutions and sound systems, for all types of site, from Olympic pools to municipal sports facilities, additions to existing infrastructure, bike parks and national stadiums.


The businesses providing these services are categorized by their specializations:

  • Stand infrastructure, bike parks, stadium elements

  • Associated services: architecture, facility management, telecommunications, hygiene, food & beverage services, logistics

  • Crucial sports elements: lawns, ice baths

Equipment and facilities are what enables sports infrastructure to live up to its design, meeting the wide-ranging needs of their contractors. France Sport Expertise’s businesses draw on years of complementary experience to adapt design and delivery to all scenarios, from


Modular set-ups offer customized infrastructure that is fast and easy to install. Renting equipment is better for the environment than outright purchase and contributes to the usage economy, playing an important role in the overall carbon footprint of sport events.
At France Sport Expertise, sports infrastructure and facilities draw on expertise in the design, production and management of sports grounds, from community sports grounds to Olympic stadiums.
Supply of ice baths, hot-water baths and hydrotherapy solutions—elements vital to athlete recovery.
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Sports equipment and infrastructure specialist Dimasport lends it experience and expertise in project preparation to help create sustainable facilities for safe sport at every level, from elite competitions to inductions.
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HAPPEE, WC Loc and Waterlab offer comprehensive expertise in sanitary and water solutions for event organizers.
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Hurricane Parks has been part of the Hurricane Group since 2017 and is dedicated exclusively to building urban sports parks. From freestyle BMX to skateboarding, freestyle scootering, rollerblading and parkour, our projects are completely made-to-measure and can be adapted to all ages and levels.
Metalu Plast leads the European market for the manufacture of sports equipment, sports enclosures and multi-sport and five-a-side football grounds. Equipped with 40 years of experience and innovation, Metalu Plast works with the world’s largest sports events.
As a network operator and Internet provider for events, Orange Events installs Wi-Fi, fibre, landline and mobile networks. Our expertise guarantees the highest levels of connectivity for users and spectators, ensuring the success of every event.
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VOGO develops, markets and manages the international roll-out of its own-brand audio and video solutions for referees (VAR and audio communication systems), medical teams (HIA to detect concussions), and sports staff analysis.
Construction of modular stands and stadiums Installation of seating for spectators, media, officials, VIPs and VVIPs during stadium renovations Installation of temporary modular stands for sporting and cultural events
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“Facilitess offers a range of associated services to meet the needs of occupant workspaces and environments – Small-scale technical maintenance (locksmithing, supplies & pick-up, electricity & plumbing, decoration & development) – Workspace & occupant services
Project engineering – sports surfaces Construction of sports facilities Maintenance of sports surfaces (stadiums and EC) Field monitoring for competitions Support for clubs in optimizing their surface resources