Supporting collective success

VOGO is an international sportech specializing in audio and video solutions for sports, now adapted to the manufacturing and audiovisual industries. In the world of sport, VOGO is an international player at the forefront of audio and video solutions for spectators and professionals.

Audio and video solutions for pros, semi-pros and amateurs

VOGO develops, markets and deploys its own audio & video solutions worldwide. They facilitate and enrich interaction between the key players at a sporting event.

VOGO offers tools for analysis and decision-making, from referee assistance (VAR/TMO) to head injury assessment (HIA) and coaching (performance).

An App for fans

For spectators, VOGO offers a comprehensive solution with multi-camera recording and Live & Replay viewing named VOGOSCOPE PULSE. This solution can be used to film competitions and broadcast video feeds to both on-site audiences and fans at home. Using the VOGOSCOPE mobile app, fans can choose the event they wish to watch and access livestreams from their smartphone.