Sport for all

A designer, producer and distributor of sports equipment for more than 55 years, France-based Dimasport shares its expertise with local communities, clubs and sports events to make sport accessible to everyone, from novices to top-level athletes.

On-the-ground expertis

We operate on the ground to provide assistance at every level, from complete beginners to elite athletes. We strive to always produce the most fitting equipment possible by working in close collaboration with federations, coaches, athletes and local communities.

Our in-house design office enables us to produce designs fast and quickly execute your projects.


A leading French manufacturer, we have complete control over the quality of our materials, manufacturing processes, quality control and customer service, from consultancy to technical assistance. Our metalworking and textiles workshops set up across a single site in Ozoir La Ferrière in France produce all of our equipment. We also offer made-to-measure manufacturing for your custom projects.

Quality & Competitive Edge

Dimasport listens carefully to feedback from users and athletes to ensure we offer the most appropriate, safest and most innovative equipment possible. Like any top-level athlete, we continually strive for better, enabling us to offer our customers unbeatable quality, prices, service and support.

Find out more at www.dimasport.fr .