Sports equipment & accessories

Sports equipment & accessories

abroad for the quality of their products, with most operating in the BtoB market.

These businesses supply all the elements elite athletes and occasional users need to practice their sports.

    • Mats
    • Grounds accessories

High-quality equipment is essential to sport. France Sport Expertise’s equipment specialists are renowned for the high quality of their accessories and operate in a large number of fields.

With irreproachable knowledge of their products and production processes, they are able to supply both standard equipment for local community grounds and the equipment essential to the world’s leading sports events.

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Dimasport has been a designer, manufacturer and distributor of sports equipment for almost 60 years. We have our own in-house metalworking factory, textile workshop, offices and warehouse all located on a single site in the Paris region.
Metalu Plast leads the European market for the manufacture of sports equipment, sports enclosures and multi-sport and five-a-side football grounds. Equipped with 40 years of experience and innovation, Metalu Plast works with the world’s largest sports events.