2023 Rugby World Cup

2023 Rugby World Cup

Created in 1987, the Rugby World Cup is rugby’s largest competition. In 2023, the tenth edition was held in France, for the second time following the 2007 World Cup, the fourth time in total that France has hosted World Cup matches.

The 2023 edition excelled on every front. In terms of viewership, the competition as a whole attracted a record 164.5 million viewers, the top audience for the year in France. The event brought over 1.8 million spectators to stadiums and more than 2 million tourists to France. On social media, more than 1.8 million followers signed up to accounts in the space of two weeks.

France 23 was a very profitable event, generating estimated revenues of approximately 750 million euros spread across:

  • Ticket sales (51%, 350-380 million euros)
  • Hospitality (36%, approximately 270 million euros)
  • Marketing revenue (13%, approximately 100 million euros)

France 2023 was another example of the success of the French sporting events model, helping showcase the country’s expertise.

Playground was tasked with coordinating drivers of light vehicles, coach operations in the nine host cities, and planning and operational coordination of Mêlée des Chœurs logistics.
Recruitment of a range of profiles
One year before kick-off, modules travelled across France with Loxam to promote the World Cup. During the competition, modules were used as sales points for fan zones in Lyon and on the forecourt of the Stade de France.
Design and organization of five Rugby Villages in Toulouse, Marseille, Nice, Nantes and St Denis + visual finishings for stadiums
Travel management; support finding, negotiating and managing accommodation Event management for related World Cup events (catering); recruitment of qualified personnel; team management