AUDITOIRE is a communications agency specializing in the design and deployment of event and experiential devices that transform conversations and enhance interaction between organizations, brands and their communities. We create experiences that change the way people think, feel, behave and behave.

A global and cultural group

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AUDITOIRE is a global event and experiential communications consulting group. The AUDITOIRE group works with organizations and brands around the world on their major communications challenges, creating events and live and digital brand experiences.

A group focused on brand experience

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The group’s first agency was created in Paris in 1989.

Today, the AUDITOIRE group organizes over 300 events a year, covering 4 fields of expertise: 360 activations, luxury experiences, retail & business experiences, field marketing.

A group with a passion for sport

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CONSULTING: Advising brands and institutions in defining their sponsorship strategies and exploiting their marketing rights.

ACTIVITIES: Creation of activation programs to bring to life the finest event campaigns in the sports and entertainment industry (celebrations, showcasing, fan engagements, etc.).

HOSPITALITY: Support for major event partners in the conceptualization and production of their hospitality programs and spaces.