Tour de France

Tour de France

The Tour de France is the most watched cycling event in the world and the third largest sports event on the planet. First held in 1903, it is the oldest cycling race still run to this day. It takes place across France every year in the first three weeks of July, occasionally also being held in a number of partner countries in Europe.

The Tour is managed by the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) and brings together 22 teams and 176 cyclists in total.

Every year, the event attracts huge numbers of viewers across the world and is broadcast in 190 countries, on 100 different television channels, including 60 live broadcasts and over 100 hours of live feed. This makes it the only sports event in the world with as many hours of live broadcast and one of the most followed events in the world, amassing some 3.5 billion viewers for the entire race.

The Tour de France relies on meticulous planning to ensure the transport of 4,500 people every day for 21 days. Approximately 10-12 million people gather on the sides of the road to watch the event every year, making it the sports event with the highest overall number of spectators.

The Tour de France generates 150 million euros in economic returns:

  • €90M from broadcast rights
  • €37.5M in sales, sponsorship and marketing revenue
  • €22.5M revenue from towns hosting stages

The Tour de France showcases France’s sports events expertise every year, offering all businesses involved unparalleled visibility.

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Coordination of security at start and finish sites.
For the Tour de France 2023, Orange supplied 450 technicians and 54 specialists for each stage. In total, 24 miles of cabling was laid for each start site, 6 Wi-Fi networks were set up, and 40 mobile transmitters installed to increase network coverage. 9 video-surveillance cameras provided security.
The Tour’s official caterer for over 30 years. Every year, Sodexo Live! rises to the challenge of catering on the move, providing more than 3,000 catering services prepared and served every day by a team of 70 staff.
Recruitment of a range of profiles
VOGO square
In partnership with Orange, roll-out of a video replay solution for VIP spectators.
Travel management (air and land); supply of chauffeured rental vehicles; support finding, negotiating and managing accommodation; concierge services; recruitment of qualified personnel
Installation of 440 modular stadium seats for the finish in Alpe d’Huez
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WCLoc Group / Installation of sanitary facilities for the public, VIP and service providers (WCs and showers) + maintenance services, a technical team and cleaning. Mobile throughout the course.