Cryo Control

Cryo Control

Cryo Control, a world leader in ice baths since 2004

Founded in 2004 by Bertrand Avignon, Cryo Control is today the world leader in ice baths, specializing in the conception, design, manufacture and retail of autonomous ice baths to promote athlete recovery.

Our 2.0 Ice Baths are extremely popular with top-level athletes and have revolutionized practices in cold water immersion, now well-known for its positive effects in the world of health and sport.

Our well-established expertise enables us to operate throughout the world and has afforded us relationships with more than 1,200 clients, federations, clubs, sports events, and training and medical structures in over 60 countries.

Innovation-driven performance

Our goal is to offer cutting-edge services and tools to create the best possible recovery spaces in public and private training and rehabilitation centres, amateur and professional clubs, and structures hosting major international sports events (stadiums, arenas, Pre-Games Training Camps, sports halls, etc.)

Our team of experts offers comprehensive packages that include the design of plans and 3D models, manufacturing, on-site delivery and maintenance of Cryo Control ice baths.

Today, Cryo Control continues to innovate to drive performance and places customer satisfaction at the heart of its commitments. We work constantly on further developing our systems to ensure we always offer the most efficient solutions.

Made for Champions with Passion

Our Cryo solutions

Cryo Control ice baths are divided into three ranges to satisfy every need.

All our ice baths are manufactured in our own workshops using high-quality, innovative materials:

Nomad range: Featuring three tub models to benefit from immersion cryotherapy treatment in any location at any time (outdoor matches, international competitions, away travel, etc.).

Form range: Cryo Control’s range of premium, stationary ice baths. The all-in-one choice for easy installation and efficient use of space.

Custom range: The solution for any project! Working with purchasers, design offices and architects, we draw on our full breadth of skills to cool, regulate and design made-to-measure baths that meet specific needs (construction and renovation of baths, etc.)

Our leading projects

Major international sports events

  • 2012: London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (England)
  • 2014: Men’s and Women’s Rugby World Cups (France)
  • 2016: UEFA European Football Championship (France)
  • 2016: Rio Olympic Games (Brazil)
  • 2020: European Athletics Championships (France)
  • 2021: Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (Japan)
  • 2024: Africa Cup of Nations (Côte d’Ivoire)

High Performance Sport Centres

  • CREPS Regional Physical and Sports Education Centre (Toulouse, Reims, Reunion Island, Provence, French Riviera, etc.)
  • Aspire Academy (Qatar)
  • CAR Sierra Nevada (Spain)
  • CDFAS (France)


  • French Football Federation (FFF)
  • French Athletics Federation (FFA)
  • French Swimming Federation (FFN)
  • French Basketball Federation (FFBB)

Olympic Committees

  • French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF)
  • French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF)
  • British Olympic Association