UEFA Euro 2024

UEFA Euro 2024

Created in 1956, the European Football Cup is a major fixture in today’s soccer world. Held every four years between World Cups, it brings together 24 teams from the European continent.


Followed around the world, the Euro is always followed by many fans around the globe. During the previous edition, Euro 2021, 5.2 billion viewers watched the competition and almost 328 million watched the simple final, a record for the competition, and the most-watched event in England since the 2012 London Olympics. Broadcast in 229 territories by 137 broadcasters, the European Football Cup is a major global sporting event.


For the 2024 edition in Germany, several million spectators are expected in the 10 cities selected for the competition, in stadiums seating between 42,000 and 70,000. Over the 51 matches of the competition, this represents more than 2 million spectators expected in the stadiums.


From a financial point of view, the 2016 event in France generated nearly €2 billion in revenue. At least as much revenue is expected for the 2024 edition in Germany, making it one of the most profitable sporting events in Europe.


Today, the European Football Cup is a major event on the world sporting calendar. This is an opportunity for French companies to showcase their experience in the organization of such events.

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