Rental of professional modular kitchens and kitchen equipment

LOCACUISINES is France’s leading rental provider for professional cooking equipment and modules. Specializing in both short and long-term rentals, our kitchens adapt easily to a variety of business sectors, from education to health, defence, corporate settings and events. In 2023, more than 60 temporary kitchens were installed across France (over 8,295 m2 modules not counting access areas).

LOCACUISINES is often entrusted with providing temporary solutions during renovation work or damage repair on existing kitchens. Modular configurations enable catering activities to continue during this often tricky phase without impacting staff or guests. During activity peaks and extensions, rentals offer a quick solution to handle an influx of students, staff or customers.

LOCACUISINES also provides services to events such as festivals, pop-up bars and cooking schools. Our modular solutions can equally be used as a long-term installation for businesses and communities who do not wish to invest.

LOCACUISINES handles everything from A to Z, from plans created by our design office, to the choice of modules and equipment, module customization (plumbing, electricity, woodworking, etc.), delivery and collection, installation and assembly by internal teams, and training for catering teams, with a daily customer service and maintenance team also available. Already a leader on the French market,

LOCACUISINES completed its first projects in Switzerland and Belgium in 2023.

Find out more at www.mylocacuisines.fr.

Lowering carbon footprints through high-impact actions

Today, more than ever, LOCACUISINES is committed to supporting environmental, economic and social transition by championing the circular economy. LOCACUISINES has been awarded Ecovadis Silver status for the third year running and is also a member of the Global Compact Act and the Coq Vert community. A 200 m2 solar farm produces 50% of the energy used internally. For transport, LOCACUISINES works with TAB Rail Road and OLEO 100 to reduce our carbon impact by 60% for every kilometre travelled. In recent weeks, 100% self-powered modules, anti-microbial protective films and CO2 equipped, low GWP cold-storage rooms were added to our range. LOCACUISINES is constantly looking for new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our installations.

2024: a year of sport

With over 4.5 million euros invested in new equipment (2,000 products), new modules (102), offering new innovations, reinforcing our teams and opening a new warehouse on the outskirts of Paris, our teams are ready for this stand-out year. When purchasing equipment, LOCACUISINES prioritizes French brands, with 80% of investments made in France.

MyLocacuisines: Book your rental in just a few clicks

Businesses can rent additional kitchen equipment independently directly from the e-commerce website www.mylocacuisines.fr.

MyLocacuisines offers rental of six main categories of free-standing and built-in professional equipment for modular structures: Cooking, cold storage, distribution, preparation, washing and snack bars. A special Events tab can be used to find the most popular equipment for events.

Equipment rental includes: delivery and collection in 48hrs/72hrs, cleaning, servicing before delivery and equipment preparation by our internal teams, protective packaging, and a maintenance and customer service team available throughout the rental. Installation and insurance options are also available.

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