Sport Carrière

Sport Carrière

Founded in 2001, our recruitment and consulting firm is a European pioneer in the fields of sport and entertainment. We draw on a vast database of contacts and industry specialists to provide the highest expertise at all levels, from executive positions to young graduates. The digital tools and CRM we have developed over many years enable us to precisely monitor a huge breadth of industry professionals. Our deep commitment to social initiatives and focus on human aspects at every stage are the cornerstones of our fundamental values. Bolstered by a network developed over more than two decades of varied projects, actions and conferences, our approach is focused on the talents themselves, offering personalized support to ensure access to pools of proactive and highly motivated individuals. Our governance model prioritizes community and diversity, and places these essential values at the heart of all decision-making.


Sportcarrière manages the entire recruitment process, including head-hunting and job listings for executive and middle management positions in the sport and entertainment industries. The businesses we work with benefit from our market expertise and extensive experience in the assessment of skills, motivations and personalities. Choosing Sportcarrière to externalize recruitment processes saves businesses significant amounts of time, leaving you free to concentrate on developing your own activities. Appointing Sportcarrière to manage these processes also guarantees complete confidentiality throughout the recruitment process. This enables you to invest all your time and energy into your core services.


Publication of job offers (temporary, permanent, work placements, internships, freelance) on our job board—the top employment website for the sports and entertainment market—so you reach a wide audience of targeted, interested specialists. Each listing published on Sportcarrière will also be sent to our qualified database and published on our social media accounts with over 50K followers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


Sportcarrière provides businesses with access to experienced HR consultants specializing in sports events to ensure comprehensive support for businesses, organizations and events, from creation to HR transformation. We work on strategic issues related to sports policies and offer global management of human resources. Our consultants are available to advise businesses on the implementation of their HR policy, from procurement to organigram building and HR development. We ensure the policies and procedures adopted comply fully with all laws and regulations in force, guaranteeing effective personnel management.