Global security expertise and solutions

OCPR provides it expertise to event organizers, offering coherent, personalized measures to ensure all elements are in place to tackle issues related to security, safety, emergencies and prevention.

Need to design a comprehensive security plan? Facing a specific risk or security issue? Has an incident already taken place or have you identified vulnerabilities? Our team of experts will find high-performance solutions designed around your needs and goals.

Audits and studies

A powerful decision-making tool to assess the compatibility of measures adopted, the event environment and the level of security you desire.


Consulting and support

Providing expertise and support in risk management and the creation and implementation of security plans and their components.

Operational coordination

Overseeing the smooth-running of operations and organizing implementation of measures taken, as well as use of human, technical and organizational resources, together with all concerned parties.

Training and management

Developing skills and knowledge, establishing an internal culture of security through specialized modules, incorporating and structuring resources for optimum organization.

Taking a 360° global vision, we offer a personalized and optimized approach. Our strength lies in our consultants’ experience and broad expertise, which enable us to offer forecasting, protection and steering solutions designed around your needs.

Customized support tailored to your needs

As a consulting and security engineering specialist, our service delivers global risk management, from the preparation to operational phases of your event. Regular communication with your team ensures your true needs are taken into account, with a made-to-measure schedule and carefully managed budgetary framework.