The first edition of Prolongations

The first edition of Prolongations

For the first edition of Prolongations, EIG France Sport Expertise met at the French Senate and was delighted to invite special guest Kenny Jean-Marie, Director of Member Associations Services at FIFA.

The meeting was the chance to have an exclusive conversation with the speaker, who outlined the framework of the FIFA Forward Program and his desire to develop constructive connections with FIFA’s 211 members.

The programme was launched by FIFA in 2016 with the primary goal of increasing football’s accessibility across the world, particularly among member associations with limited financial resources.

Our president, Claude Revel, reaffirmed the desire of EIG France Sport Expertise’s members to promote dialogue with stakeholders in international football in order to contribute to the sustainable and long-lasting development of the sport.

France Sport Expertise hopes to make the most of FIFA’s partial relocation to Paris to further develop cooperation between our two organizations.

A huge thank you to Senator and Ex-Minister of Sport Patrick Kanner for hosting us and sharing his experience as the coordinator for the implementation of French sports policies.