France Sport Expertise AG at the Montpellier FISE

France Sport Expertise AG at the Montpellier FISE

The General Assembly for France Sport Expertise and its members was recently held at Hurricane’s International Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE).

Our group is growing and driving new collective momentum this spring, with the same original desire to take part in major international sports events in France and abroad! There are a huge number of important dates on the calendar and French businesses are ready to fulfil organizers’ needs. Working together means getting to know each other, building trusted relationships and securing projects that tangibly demonstrate our expertise.

The French team for business is ready!

This impressive festival featured a huge array of competitions, with 15 world championships held on a single site in just one weekend! Hurricane’s CEO Hervé André-Benoit recalled the origins of the project, a student dream to create a festival that would help promote and develop urban sports. There were many hurdles along the way, from seeking funding to ensuring the event remained accessible to as many people as possible, particularly young spectators, who represent the core fanbase for extreme sports. Well done to everyone on the Hurricane team!

The event was a chance to bring together French-speaking figures from across the world to discuss the sports economy and its development through these networks and French connections. Together, we can make our shared language, culture and community an asset for driving the French-speaking world’s unique values of exchange and social responsibility. Thank you to speakers Zeina Mina, Ibrahima Wade, Barbara Desmarest-Moser, Michel Filliau and Laurence Fischer who took part alongside our president Claude Revel and outlined the best paths for success. A special thank you to our partner Francs Jeux, whose daily work helps develop sports in French-speaking communities.